Gathering (a rocky one)

Gathering I, by Yelena-Shabrova - pen & ink on drawing paper, 4" x 6"
Gathering I – pen & ink on drawing paper, 4″ x 6″

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This one started as an exercise after I haven’t done any pointillism in more than a year. In the process of getting the feel of the pen again I began to see a composition in the bunch of rock textures and from that point treated the small drawing more seriously.

The horses came into the picture last to make things more interesting. I thought of lighter-colored petroglyphs etched on a dark rock surface and decided to reverse colors. That seemed to work better with the rest of my rocks.

There is another Gathering piece in the making already. Turned out playing with rocks in black and white is just as exiting as doing it in color.

The original drawing ($80.00) and high quality 4″ x 6″ giclee prints are available in my Pen and Ink online gallery

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