Yelena Shabrova ~ Pause ~ colored pencil, 5x7
Yelena Shabrova ~ Pause ~ Lyra Rembrandt Polycolor colored pencil on Daler-Rowney card paper, 12 x 16 cm

Got notified that my card for Twitter Art Exhibit 2019 safely arrived at Edinburgh, UK. Phew! I was so unbelievably late this year that I was not even sure it would make it in time for the opening night on May 11.

For my artist friends who would like to participate next year, here is the TAE website: This year they support an Edinburgh based charity, Art in Healthcare, that organizes workshop programs for patients.

Updated May 15, 2019

Just got notified that my card has been sold! Yay!
The live Twitter Art Exhibit is over, but their fundraising for Art in Healthcare continues at

Updated May 16, 2019

Updated May 26, 2019

My little Jay that got sold at #TAE19 looks all pretty in its new happy home. Thank you for sharing the photo, Sharon! Great choice of frame!