Corvallis Fall Festival 2019

photo of a metal praying mantis by Yan Beyer

My insect themed garden sculpture collection is gradually expanding for no good reason. I do not collect this kind of art and not in love with insects beyond appreciating them in general. Still, two years ago a metal dragonfly by Doug Moore practically inserted itself into my hand, then my neighbor gifted me with a ladybug kindness stone, and this weekend the odd collection expanded with a praying mantis by Ian Beyer that I got at the Corvallis Fall Festival.

The weather seems to always challenge artists at this event, but this year it took the cake with heavy rains and even hail. As I walked through the show, part of me really enjoyed the art, but another part kept whispering “thank goodness I am not doing outdoor shows anymore.”

I do so appreciate every artist who does this, both those I know personally, saw before, or met for the first time ever. You are all amazing, resilient, and very motivated people.