June – colored pencil, 11″ x 8.5″


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When we drive around the valley in warm summer nights it a scene I like the most – horse grazing on the rolling hills. They do not pay attention to cars passing by and rarely stop to look at you getting out of the car. This is a scene that can only be drawn from memory; there is no means to sketch it or take a helpful shot even with a good camera.I rarely draw with no reference at all. It can be freeing and challenging at the same time, and until I start making progress it’s all about “challenging.” Past that point it’s like playing with shapes and colors.

Original drawing has been sold.

Limited edition of only 25 giclee prints is available upon request. Once all 25 of the giclee prints in this edition have sold out, no more limited edition prints of “Alum Rock Park” will be available. Each print in the edition is made with archival quality inks on the archival fine art paper. Colors are faithful to the original drawing and will not change over time. If interested, contact me for pricing and available print sizes.